Shopping Challenge

The fashion industry has become a roaring beast. Chains, like H&M, Zara, Primark, … are bringing new collections to the stores nearly every week. The clothes are trendy and cheap, so everybody – me included – is tempted to get a new look every week (or day;-)). Especially with a fashion blog, I’m constantly thinking about new outfit combinations, a new pair of boots or that cute skarf that would complete my outfit post for the next day! Also everybody knows, that the fashion has some dark secrets, that we, as customers are supporting. So, I wanted to challenge myself … Shopping Challenge weiterlesen

june favourites

The last month I was travelling Europe and lived most of the time out of my suitcase! So, I couldn’t really wear all the fancy dresses hanging in my closet! I’m a little behind with the june favourites, but it is not too late, so here we go! I really love the cool and casual combi with a pair of jeans and a cool top this past month! and of course the color of the month for me is pastell pink! And I love my birkenstock, they look so chic in silver 😉 Instead of a pair of jeans, I’m … june favourites weiterlesen

01/07/2014 – Already??? Anniversary

I just can’t believe how fast time goes by… today my blog is officialy ONE year old! This was my very first post, have a look if you like! I published 305 posts with about 1000 pictures, started a FB page, got some great awards and met amazing people along the way! I especially want to thank the 106 people that are following my fashion blog, that give great advice and the sweetest compliments! THANK YOU! I learned so much in the last year about blogging, my own thoughts, my fashion sense, my style and about photography! I don’t really … 01/07/2014 – Already??? Anniversary weiterlesen

Beat the others or beat it?

I really don’t know if this is the craziest idea I ever had but I’ll participate in the Zalando Fashion Blogger Award. The Jury searches for the most inspiring, fashion forward and creative fashion blogs. The winners will be invited for a special ceremony and there is a shopping gift coupon waiting… I just fell in love with the most amazing handbag from chloé, would be great to be able to get such a great accessory;-) image from nordstrom It all depends on you, because you have to vote for me to be winning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe, so go ahead and click … Beat the others or beat it? weiterlesen