Hair-o-scope – I am a uni…eeeh capricorn

When you are having a baby your whole world is changing… but I didn’t expect my hair going to such big changes as well. During pregnancy I did not loose hair and my locks were shiny, looked great and were very easy to style. Forget bad hair days!
After the birth, unfortunately, the situation changes rapidly. I am losing a ton of hair, they are not as shiny as they used to be and I have difficulties styling them. Having to look after a little human being that cannot do anything on its own does not help the situation. Obvious, right?

So, while looking for inspiration and advice I found this funny hair-o-scope and I had to check it out. So, I am capricorn:

Since I have very thin hair I cannot grow it long… smooth and under control. Well, with curly hair it is a bit difficult to get them under control. I chose the planned chaos. I keep my hair natural and just let it air dry after washing it.

I show you the cut I got a few days ago, I am still not too happy, so maybe I will try some color. I did a quiz helping to determine which way I want to go and this is the result I chose:
Como Light Brown – Light golden brown with hints of mahogany.

I really like the golden touch and reflections in this color, so probably I try to go with that!

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