Hip Hip Hurra

Yeah, I won a rockin‘ shirt from Fancy Alman that the beautiful and creative Bina gave away! Fancy Alman is a new and cool brand from Hamburg Germany and promotes awareness for integration, have a look at Binas cool styling with an Alman sweater and read more about the brand on their page.


Image from the shop of Fancy Alman (http://www.fancyalman.de/fancy/produktkategorie/woman/page/2/)

The signature of Fancy Alman is the image of the German Federa Eagle and the turkish word „Alman“ for people living in Germany… Since I’ve moved to France a few month ago, I love the idea of strolling through the streets with such a strong connection to Germany:-)

Thanks Bina of StryleTZ, i’ll show you a whole look soon on the blog!


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