14/10/2014 – shock


I’m in shock… in a kind of fashion trauma! I’ve been living in France now for some month and I’ve spent a lot of time in the fashion capital wandering through the streets, enjoying live and the people around me. But a few days ago, I felt miserable!

Yes, I don’t know what to wear anymore, every woman in Paris looks amazing, they have great style and I feel very small and insignificant next to all of them! So, I didn’t post anything because I just didn’t like what I wore… It didn’t look fresh or interesting or anything!

I will start again on the weekend, but for the moment I just feel like staying at home, drinking tea and wearing only pyjamas.

Hopefully, I can overcome this difficult fashion moment, did you have something like this? Please tell me! I need help! So here are some inspirations, will I be as cool as these chics?!

ArtSymphony_Parisian Chic Style

ArtSymphony_Parisian Chic Style





Au revoir et bisous


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