I’m not the only one!

Love that song! And the look from the singer! This is how every week should start!!!!

I knew that fashion and clothing is a big passion of mine when I realized that no one I knew did that: I do remember what I wear on certain occasions or on not so special occasions. I do not only remember my clothes but I also know the closets of a lot of my close friends. So they are really upset, when they tell me: You know I wore that little red dress… and I finish „yeah, right, the one with the bow in the back and the little white dots you wore on my birthday two years ago!!!!!!!!!!

And now I was just reading through some blogs and I found out, there are more of us! Sarah does that, too! So, today I just wanted to let everybody know: if you have that habit of remembering all of your styles and the styles from the people around you, don’t worry!


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