20/06/2014 – make a fashion statement

When I’m meeting somenone for the first time, I always think about what I’m going to wear and what impression I’m making… I feel like the first outfit the person sees determines the opinion about you. For example, when I started university I had a job at a theatre as a hostess. I had to controll the theatre tickets, let nobody in before the start of a play and check the wardrobe in. Most important, I had to wear black and white all the time, so if I had a lecture right before or after work I just left on my clothes. Some month later I met a girl from the university and she’s was totally suprised I wasn’t wearing black and white. She thought this was my thing and I dress deliberately like this!!!!!!
After I quit the job, I didn’t wear white blouses for several years because it always made me think of work! 🙂


top – diesel

blazer – h&m

jeans – gstar

pumps – mjus




4 Gedanken zu “20/06/2014 – make a fashion statement

  1. I totally agree with you 😉 The first impression matters a lot no matter what. Even though we should not Judge people for what they wear…it still happens because we are all humans and we do noticed small details. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with what we are wearing when we are going to meet someone new, because when you feel comfortable the positive vibes are not only reflected on the clothes but also on the way you act.
    Nice post. Have a great weekend

    Gefällt mir

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