languages colliding

I love languages, I love to learn foreign languages and travelling to the countries to be able to speak it… With the years I realized what an important part of your personality a language represents. I observed that people change the tone of their voice when speaking different languages, even if the were raised bilingual! There are things and emotions you express differently depending on the language you’re speaking, just because not every languages has the same words and concepts that the vocabulary designates.

I lived in France for a few month and met a spanish friend of a friend. We were speaking French the whole time and I felt that I didn’t get along very well with the guy I just met. He didn’t really talk a lot, he was just a little boring and very quiet. Or so I thought… when a few years later I went to Spain, my friend told me that the guy I had met only one time years before in France, was now living in the same city in Spain. In lack of knowing people I thought, well I’ll meet him, perhaps I just didn’t get to know him enough. So we met and only spoke Spanish and I realized that he was a totally different person in his mother tongue. Over my time in Spain, we became best friends and met regularly every week to go out and have fun!

I spoke with him a few years later about my first impression of him and he thought it was reall funny that my picture of him changed so drastically from the first french encounter to the time in Spain!

So, it’s not only the different roles and moments you are another version of yourself but also the language you’re talking,


xoxo, kat

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12 Gedanken zu “languages colliding

  1. Great post – very interesting! It just shows how much tone and accent affects how what you say is perceived! Particularly perhaps if you are not very expressive in your face or body (or if you are concentrating more on using language correctly).

    Gefällt mir

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