Dutt für den Mann! – Men wearing buns?!

© KIDIZIN SANE / Stanislav Jakuschevski @ body and soul vienna

Ok, this is a first. I never ever thought I would write about men and fashion or hairstyles. I always thought, well, some men have hair, some don’t, it didn’t really matter to me.
That’s not totally true, in my teen years I hated long hair on guys, especially the metal loving, head banging guy with thin, greasy looking hair, you know what I mean!

But then I realized that every one was talking about men wearing long hair in a bun or a little ponytail.
Even the „Die Zeit“ is talking about it here.

And I have to admit, I’m totally into that style, it looks a little messy and is the out of the bed look for guys. I really think they look so raw and it’s better than styling the hair with mousse or oily conditioner.
I have two very close male friends who wear that look already for quite some time, unfortunately they didn’t want their photo in my blog:-(

What do you think about that? Love it or hate it?

Lots of love!

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