birthday girl

Hello to 2014.

yes, that’s right… my birthday is very close to the start of the new year. Nevertheless, I love to spend this day with people I love and to do something special. So, this year, I went to a very old café / restaurant, LE PROCOPE. In fact, it is the oldest café in Paris, it was created in 1686. They have really great french food, wine and desserts and the old but renovated rooms create a great atmosphere.


And I bought a little present for myself. I saw this amazing necklace with little leather triangulars in a very cool store… and fell in love. I love the metal colors and the length of it. I think, I’ll wear it pretty often the next days and weeks;-)


And to end the weekend, I had a lovely dinner over at a friends house, in France the 5th and 6th january, everyone is eating „galette des rois“ or „king cake“. There are different tastes, like apple, frangipane or candied fruits. In the inside there is a little plastic baby or figure and the person who gets the piece with the figure, is crowned with a paper crown…

I hope you had a great weekend, too,

lots of love!


10 Gedanken zu “birthday girl

    1. hey, vielen dank, ja ich finde sie auch super. Ich habe sie in einer Boutique in Paris entdeckt, hier ist der Link zu dem Geschäft (, von welcher Marke die Kette ist, weiss ich leider nicht genau… bei Dawanda gibt es ähnliche Ketten mit Lederelementen ( oder

      Gefällt mir

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