Questions, questions, questions

Hey everybody,

last week Nadja tagged me, which made me very happy…Tank you! Since I already posted ten question a few days ago, I decided to do it a little bit different this time.
I will post a question every day and answer it, I will tag 10 blogs, but I only have one question for them: What are you doing on New Years Eve and what are you wearing? I need inspiration, you guys;-)

So here is the first question (I did it in English in case someone doesn’t speak German):

Wo kauft ihr am Liebsten ein? Große Modeketten, kleine Boutiquen oder Vintage – Läden? Where do you love to shop? Big oder little stores, vintage boutiques?

I love to shop when I’m in a different city, for example during holidays or while visiting a friend. So I have a collection of pieces that look great and remind me of great times and even greater friends!

Here come the rules:

Tag the person who tagged you.

Answer the question(s).

Think of 1-10 new questions.

Tag 10 blogs with less than 200 followers.

D’ont tag back.

The blogs are:

tulipsaday, rosieschmidt, viennafashionwaltz, dullypepper, rosysecrets, stylesnorchids, frauaennibabs, andbeyondthat, thecoolstory, …

If someone else would like to answer, feel free to do so! I would love to hear more answers!

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